Alice Jago

Neat rhyming couplets and louche-limbed melodies peeping out from under a look that’s gazing decidedly askance at the world. Folk-fuelled arrangements, including banjo and bouzouki... but the wistful guitar lines whisper of a kinship with the more left-field musings of Joanna Newsom- Irish Times 'The title tune is a slow sway with transcendental middle-eight, 'Cotton On Girl' a self- administered slap across the chops stitched with banjo,handclaps and communal choruses.Both feel like they were written 200 years ago,and may well be written again 200 years from now.Jago also seems to have an instinct for just the right modulation required to lift a song out of merit into distinction.She does waltzes,she does shuffles,she does winsome and wistful and exasperated and lovelorn,often within the same verse..Alice Jago is a girl you don't hear everyday.- Peter Murphy : Hotpress.

Award Winning Songwriter 2011 RTE/RAAP